Work room: Duffle bags.

For years I’ve had a canvas satchel bag. This was before they were common place on the pavements of east London and Primark shelves. I’m a real fan of them and everything they are, as they’re both, functional and versatile for the wardrobe.

Back to the bag – after about 10 years of using it, I’ve admitted to myself that it has had its day. So set out to look for something new. An option I was thinking of is made by fellow sartorial junkie ‘Sidewinder Apparel’ (see below). Although, I think these are great and simple at that, there’s something about the single strap of a duffle that I was drawn to and were slightly different to what’s out there at the moment.

Sidewinder Apparel bag.
Sidewinder Apparel bag.

Soon enough I came across an old 60s vinyl duffle bag (naturally) with string pulls. Nothing fancy however, it was simple, understated and could carry the few tools I squeeze into my slacks on a daily basis. Whilst looking I realised that duffles currently available on the ‘market’ were no more than P.E. bags for adults and lacked that je ne sais quoi.

So in response to this – I’ve decided to go forward and am starting getting my own bags made in London out of a mix of vinyl (in homage to the originals) and leather. I’m currently working with a leather craftsman and the sample should be finished by the end of the week once all the final details are worked out.

Update: Subsequently since then I’ve decided against using the vinyl and have chosen to use 15oz British canvas in a variety of colours. 

Keep your eyes on here and let me know what you think.

$(KGrHqN,!okFDyvePVGIBRImN9ymiQ~~60_5755b3c0bb-e865-4749-b9e7-5804a067dfe3 c824a041-2fc1-4828-8392-773c9a623971 eef89c83-9e85-4351-b444-3c8dd0b444b5J ust a taste of the colours I’m going to be working with.

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