Sample duffles : A visit to the depths of a leather merchants and back

I visited the bag making workshop today to see how the sample bag was coming along (I’m working on having a collection of bags made, for those of you who don’t understand why). Apparently it was going ‘very well’.

As this is my first time working with leather, I’ve started to realise the downside or the limitations of its use. Due to it being a ‘natural’ material and it doesn’t come in rolls stretching 170cm wide like some other fabrics, the size, treatment and colour of each piece varies. Obvious it may be, I realised it when I had to get some more leather for the bag strap. Easy enough – I headed down to a leather merchant in the heart of the east end of London to get some. I was in there for an hour, armed with a 5×5 cm swatch of what I had been using. I was assured that it was ‘fine to use something a slight shade darker or lighter it was normal’. However, if I noticed the difference, which I did, then it wouldn’t be good enough for me, let alone someone else. As I was beginning to loose hope and was thinking of alternatives I reached for the last skin under the mound of leather sheets, lo and behold, I found one. Result.

After all this the sample should be ready tomorrow – so keep watch – if you’re interested to see how they turn out that is.


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One thought on “Sample duffles : A visit to the depths of a leather merchants and back

  1. Hayley on said:

    Can’t wait to see the sample. Exciting stuff!

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