A northern encounter : The tale of two types of vinyl.

photo 4

This weekend I made tracks up to Manchester. It had been a plan of mine to visit the northern city for close to year, due to the fact I’d been booked to DJ at a 50s/60s Soul and R&B club called No Way Out. As I wasn’t needed there till Saturday I decided to head up a day earlier and visit a fabric mill and workshop just north of Manchester I’d been researching several weeks prior.

Off the train and straight into a taxi. I arrive at a grand red-brick building to a fabric dealers that specialise in vinyl, oil cloth and PU fabrics along with some very interesting recycled leather materials. Heading up here gave me a chance to see exactly what the fabrics looked like in large pieces and more importantly how strong they were. I found some of the fabrics can have quite an easy stretch to them and wouldn’t be right for bags.

After spending an hour or so with them looking through roll after roll, I made my decision. Two metres each of Pillar box red,  mango orange, canary yellow, racing green, midnight blue, deep burgundy and white. They rolled it up into one large piece and I left there carrying a rather heavy roll of vinyl in one hand/shoulder and my box of vinyl records in the other.

Update: Subsequently since then I’ve decided against using the vinyl and have chosen to use 15oz British canvas in a variety of colours. 


photo 5

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