Furniture (re-issued) design : Jens Risom – Roket & Benchmark.

u431_chair_09This is no new news on the furniture and design scene. I just have to share it. On my daily scooter ride back from work I pass the Roket showroom and gawp in the window as I slowly drive by – without fail. First time I saw these pieces lit up in the window of the showroom/gallery space I nearly fell of my Vespa. Exquisite pieces – however, after looking into the brainchild of these slick articles it makes total sense.


Jens Risom. At ninety-four years of age the designer chose to collaborate with Jonathan Stephenson of Rocket and Benchmark (UK based furniture makers), allowing them to secure the European rights and re-issue his 1950s and 1960s furniture designs.

Jens Risom Furniture

The group of furniture released by Rocket includes an easy chair, a side chair, a desk, various coffee tables, two magazine tables, and Risom’s famous upholstered bench. Available in oak and walnut versions and upholstered in a variety of pop coloured fabric and  leather.


In relation to the design Risom was quoted to saying that he;

“…set out to design contemporary furniture that was comfortable and practical to use. I developed an American version of Scandinavian modern furniture.” 

As I said at the beginning, this post isn’t something new to all you hypebeasters, coolhunters  and design boomers et al. but when was it ever, apart from back in the day that is?

Jens Risom Furniture

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