Georgie Fame : The clothes behind the keys.

Clive Powell. Known to most as Georgie Fame was born in Lancashire on  June 26th, 1943. Therefore by the time he’d be hitting his early teens he’d be amongst the underground mod movement sweeping the UK. Result. He’s known for his distinctive ‘British’ blend of Jazz and R&B and rocked the charts with three number ones during the 60’s among other hits across the world.Gorgie Fame and the Blue Flames

I’ve just back from Djing at a 3-day weekender up in Glasgow which luckily enough coincided with the Glasgow jazz festival where Mr. Fame was making an appearance. This weekender I was at is run by two guys, Paul Malloy and Mikey Collins, who until recently ran a club called Friday Street at Blackfrais in Glasgow. However, not stopping there they’ve got other club plans for a Saturday night club set to start this year. Every 12 months they do another event called the Glasgow Mod weekender and with opportune timing and discussions with Fame’s people they managed to source tickets as the Saturday night pre-club event.

If you haven't been, I suggest going. Its one of the club night/weekender that is just buzzing with life.

If you haven’t been, I suggest going. Its one of the club night/weekender that is just buzzing with life.

I went to the gig… I mean concert (it was much more of a sophisticated affair), set in a huge old converted fruit and veg covered market. The venue took my breath away. Original features and signs everywhere, hanging exposed bulbs and a ceiling you struggled to see the top too. One of the venues you’d like to get your hands on for a massive club night or your wedding at that.
Anyway, as this was my first time seeing him, I went there slightly apprehensive as to what he would sound like. So often with many of the ‘older’ stars from ‘back-in-the-day’ by now they’ve lost their voices and the swagger they once carried in their 20 somethings. Not this guy – he still had it and got all the notes down perfectly, including still being able to wrap his hands up and down his black and white keyed instrument of choice.
Saying this, the thing I was most interested to see was what not what he sounded like but more what he was wearing. I can safely say he’s one cool older dude.
Salmon pink trousers, Blue buttons down and some sort of fitted shoe.
You see – to me, this guy was and is about the style and image that accompanied his music.
Talented as he is and a career working with blues, soul and R&B legends as long as you like, I was elated to see that style never leaves you – it may take some effort, but I guess these things should. Working currently in a menswear shop, I constantly hear the older gentlemen admit defeat at the smallest sight of colour and pattern – “…oh, I’m much too old for that”.
It’s safe to say I’m sure this is only an excuse. Don’t even get me started on what I feel like when they say… “let me see if my wife/partner likes it and then I might go for it…”.
His reputation allows himself to wear stone washed denim..

His reputation allows himself to wear stone washed denim..

Hats off to you Georgie… keep up the good work there’s hope for all of us.

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