Laurence John : Workwear for the man of leisure.

shawl_norfolk_label_zps6283d413I recently came across this frankly jaw-dropping blog-come-shop, hailing from the south-east coast of England and felt an immediate compulsion to share it.
It’s not often, correct me if I’m wrong, that you come across site like these on a daily basis. Without having a connection with the person who runs this micro-collection of bespoke and one-off pieces, I could immediately see the extreme eye for detail they had. Behind these pieces there was true interest in firstly, menswear, but also I think the clothes on show really encapsulate those previous decades where ones attire was held in much higher regard.
I got in touch with Laurence once I had a good look through the blog and he said that he saw “the blog, more as a place to document the clothes I’ve made -rather than as a business”.

I asked him a few more questions:

Did you learn as you went along?
– Yes, I just started doing it myself… I basically started by taking a couple of moth damaged 1930s suits apart to draw around as patterns, and also to see how they were constructed inside. Nearly all the jackets and trousers I’ve made
since have been variations on those original patterns.
 Have you had any training?
– No training but my ex girlfriend is a professional tailor (for an Opera company) and she helped me with certain technical aspects, such as how to ease a sleeve in which i hadn’t even heard about before !
So as for the clothes making, is it pieces that you wanted for yourself and couldn’t find?
– I like clothing from Edwardian to about 1952. most of my vintage clothes are 30s-40s, but currently i’m most keen on the early 20s American look – after watching a 9 DVD box set of Harold Lloyd films which is what turned me on to it ! The suits I make are the type of thing I see in 1920s catalogues but are impossible to find now… hence making them became the only way to actually ever own something similar.



_1010943_zps0db11fb0shawl_norfolk_02_zps0ca0aa07 shawl_norfolk_detail_01_zps987e207f



Each carefully crafted piece is made using original period trimmings, buttons and fabrics – which I can assure you is not an easy thing to get hold of. I must say – this is something very special and look forward to seeing what what else he gets onto making.

Check Laurence John out at:

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