Looking behind the glass : Archibald Optics (London).

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At Lego Land, circa 96′.

I’m a real glasses wearer. My vision.. not so good. I started wearing glasses when I was about 7 and went through my formative years with a pair of glasses that resembled something Macaulay Culkin wore in Home Alone & Richie Rich. I wish I’d kept them now.

As soon as I hit my teens glasses were out and in went the contact lenses. Until only last year I decided to experiment with fitting some frames back onto my face.
The challenge now was to get hold of a pair of glasses aptly suited to my daily wardrobe. The aim was to find something that looked timeless, not overtly branded and within a reasonable budget. Something you’d think wouldn’t be too hard to find. Searching for vintage glasses on eBay was my first port. I must have bought about twenty pairs. They were either too small, too big or looked like old mans glasses – in a bad way. I eventually found salvation in Specsavers of all places, choosing out of the 50,000 of their cheapest, most basic frames – that must say something.

Back to the point of the post. I only very recently came across a brand called Archibald Optics. Immediately I was drawn to them. The selection on show was faultless in my eyes. A variety of shapes and sizes, all-finished in a range of classic tortoiseshell, clear and frosted acetate and titanium.Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 17.38.42

A.O. was founded with the principle of producing exceptional eye-wear that merges the functional with the aesthetic. Tick.
They take inspiration from the styles of yesteryear to create eye-wear that is bold, brave and unique. Tick.
The frames aim to elegantly evoke the sensibilities of classic British design, while celebrating excellence in modern Japanese craftsmanship. Tick.Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 17.41.21Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 17.41.48

Each pair of are whole-heartily manufactured in Japan – using local products as and where possible. They’re hand cut and shaped by some of the longest-standing Japanese optical tradesmen, several hours outside of Tokyo and undergo three rigorous tests before approval. A final touch before they go out is packing the glasses with a signed note by the individual who completed the customisation of your frame.



So… which pair do you choose. From their curated selection you like a few but know you can only choose one. A.O. identified the dilemma and have overcome this by offering you a choice of 3 pairs to wear for one week. The selected frame, along with your prescription is then sent back after this and they set to work on your chosen pair. All for the extremely reasonable price of £175. Yes.image_step-2

What I like about the brand is that from the off they don’t intend to produce these frames on an industrial scale – identifying that with craft comes quality. The brand is transparent in the way they work, they’ve got a story and are as honest as a nun.

Look no further – www.archibaldoptics.com

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