Let your lapel live : Boutonniere London.

 “One of the things I love most though is how many people smile at you when you’re wearing a flower on your lapel – I get stopped in the street regularly by people who tell me of a bygone era when gentlemen used to take great pride and care in what they wore…CJMH item 4 matt camellia sterling silver topI came across this slightly unique menswear accessory label the other day through twitter – interestingly a way I’m coming across quite a few others too. That aside – I was pleasantly surprised when I came to find what Boutonniere were offering – Porcelain handcrafted lapel flowers. Coincidentally that day (prompted by Boardwalk Empire) I turned to my girlfriend and expressed my determination to start wearing lapel flowers again (after a short stint in the summer of buying fresh carnations). Always wanting to know more, I got in touch with the owner of Boutonniere London.

In short there are two parts to these lapel ornaments-

Part 1- The flowers themselves are made of capodimonte porcelain in Vicenza, Italy. crafted and shaped by hand, fired at 1300 degrees for 18 hours.IMG_8320

Part 2 – The clasp (in either sterling silver or polished stainless steel) made by one of Sheffield’s amazing cutlery companies. The design of the clasp was done in order to allow space for engraving on the reverse and in order to grip the lapel but not pierce it when worn. CJMH items 1 to 3 steel detail front

The final point and something to take away from this is that, most jackets have buttonholes on the lapel so naturally something can and should be worn there – don’t just save wearing a flower for your prom, wedding day or when your going to a Bugsy Malone fancy dress party… dress up!

Chris 14


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One thought on “Let your lapel live : Boutonniere London.

  1. wow this is such a beautiful button hole!

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