The red bullet : 50s Lambretta speed trials.


It’s 1951, August 8 and Romolo Ferri, Lambretta race rider is set on breaking the scooter category land speed record. The distance between it’s measured on is positioned on a stretch of motorway between Munich and Ingolstadt, Germany. Rivals Piaggio’s Vespa Torpedo is the toughest competition. Ferri, already used to speed is also trying to beat himself – having travelled at 195.8 kilometers per hour a few months earlier in France. The goal is 200km/ph.
Lambretta’s answer to this challenge is The red bullet – made of rubber, metal and plexiglass. He sets off, pushing through the 3 speed gear box, as it slices through the air using the finest in Italian scooter engineering. It reaches 201 kilometers per hour. From that moment on, Lambretta confirmed itself as the chosen racing vehicle of it’s category for the decades ahead. Pride of Innocenti; to its inventor, engineer Pierluigi Torre; and of course to Ferri, who will continue to set records with his full-throttle, red Lambretta.

IW_Lambretta-record_08IW_Lambretta-record_01IW_Lambretta-record_09IW_Lambretta-record_04 IW_Lambretta-record_07IW_Lambretta-record_02


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