S.F.C. X Christie Goule pocket squares : Silk detailing.

Inspired by a similar mid-century aesthetic, Scott Fraser Collection and Christie Goule have collaborated to create a selection of limited-edition handkerchiefs/pocket squares. Designed to work as a complimenting feature to any wardrobe; arranged as a jacket pocket square.
The results are always measured, unique and conjure up a lasting impression of an age of timeless style and sophistication.

Note to user – Wear in a fashion that takes little consideration to arrange but expect great results.

100% silk, dimensions 30cm x 30cm. Designed, printed and finished in England.


285b89ab6eb98d044d7a898e21df8259b1d72c44dbdc1897f26dff2370a61387 9ceac356378b62b3e52451f10f3f884eaade5d229ec211b9a2f788293cd1f2b9S.F.C. X Christie Goule – Green and black silk printed pocket square

9f3c2724af8e65c66bab092071db9e4e ffce6fe7b94fffcf516382b6451fac3f 60bc9acbc18b480c9075a03dcfd9db5e cfdeba7c39375e776c382237101edd66S.F.C. X Christie Goule – Orange and Brown silk printed pocket square

668c18e4224f2451bc238627f0c25e67 1b135e3a77d3e7b66111de1fe13565d8bb12469ee1ffc31209945faf688b8d5f c8b66eeb11635073faa58b0e7c24ce2aS.F.C. X Christie Goule – Purple and blue silk printed pocket square

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