Looks may be deceiving : The Decopod.

the-decopod-enclosed-scooter-photo-499442-s-787x481I visited my local scooter shop the other day. Started chatting to the owner whilst he was clicking around on the computer and he bought up something on the screen that blew me away.


All I could describe it at first as was a polished aluminium bubble that wrapped itself around a bike or something with two wheels. Looking into it, it was Randy Grubb‘s custom built Decopod Bi-Pod and Tri-Pod motor scooters.

These creations are built in the U.S. by a hot-rod building gent who studied dentistry but in the 90′s began taking up metal-shaping classes.

10FrontviewFor those of you who know scooters, he uses a one of the dullest scooters about, that being the Piaggio Fly 150 (Bi-pod) and Piaggio Mp3 (Tri-pod) scooter for the bases and then build the polished aluminium bodies over top of them.the-decopod-enclosed-scooter-and-scooter-photo-499446-s-1280x782

He’s just finished working on what he calls the Decoson. Fitted over a 1984 Harley-Davidson Sportster. “I had a concept for a Harley project and was fortunate to meet a gentleman willing to supply the motorcycle and commission the build”. Decoson-on-grass

 It just goes to show that it’s not only old bikes getting the new treatment. Randy gives new bikes the ‘old-style’ treatment.
Now I’ve only got to get my hands on one – just got to sort out the shipping…


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