Italian artisans : The Bespoke Dudes by Kádor 1962 glasses.

Only launched yesterday via the powers of social media, I came across The Bespoke Dudes by Kàdor 1962 glasses collection. These are a range of effortlessly timeless hand-crafted frames, selected by Fabio Attanasio (heading up the Bespoke Dudes blog) and then created by the skilled hands of Italian artisans, by the looks of them there’s nothing surprising there.IMG_0047

So, the first in the series of glasses is called the “Cran” – which is in reference to the space between the collar and the lapel on a jacket. IMG_0043IMG_0024 IMG_0028IMG_0019IMG_0037 IMG_0015 These pieces are a result of more than fifty years hard work and effort to uphold quality from an Italian family-run business. The makers, unlike many, have held strong against the ever-engulfing high street brands that offer a cheaper, yet totally substandard alternative. Mr Frescura, the gentlemen who heads the production of these frames produces three-hundred pieces per day. To give you an idea – what he produces in a year is produced in a day by the multinational Luxottica. Quality has no where to hide and that’s why they offer visits to the workshop and have shot the total making process – my kind of collection.
MRS_3465 MRS_3742 MRS_3692
The final note from Fabio and the team is that “These glasses are addressed to all the connoisseurs who want to stand out from the masses and know what they wear. Let’s restart from the roots”.
Hear, hear!

The glasses are available for pre-order on

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