The best dressed at Goodwood Revival 2014 : Mens File.

The Revival weekend at Goodwood in the last 6 years since I have been going has just got better and better. When I left last year I thought it couldn’t get any better but it did. Attendees to this weekend range from motor racing head, revivalists, designers, tourists, housewives to kids and so on – everyone except a very few percentage dress to fit the surrounding of what is designed to be a weekend for everything pre 66′ – Heaven!
Mensfile Magazine hosts a small caravan come studio where people can get involved by having their picture taken to be considered for their best dressed at Goodwood competition. From their highlights of the weekend I chose my favourite menswear snaps. So many to choose from but these ones below just got me.

1926079_763263590408466_4978728779481002311_o 10383846_763263010408524_1819027626821347986_o 10548285_763262960408529_8023953973749066399_o 10557633_763264643741694_2546462457916075939_o 10557762_763264480408377_3066232277202827194_o 10628849_763262720408553_2266989760752338126_o 10648339_763261167075375_934051358915362532_o 10672361_763264783741680_1333688772787856675_n 10679525_763265983741560_2002976043470044336_o 10680067_763260920408733_1505166903516549640_o 10687174_763262623741896_5861443130146606079_n 10708493_763262133741945_7143110146977980204_o



So this outfit won me the best dressed selected by the folks at Mensfile and The Goodwood. Fuel to fire the flame for next year I say!

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