Work for your work-wear : Deadstock Brown’s Beach jacket auction.

The new year generally means new clothes. I’ve been leaning away from collecting vintage from the 50/60s (knitwear aside) and to looking back to a few decades. Whilst doing the usual rounds online I came across what I could only describe as piece up for auction currently that vintage collectors would describe as a ‘serious holy grail dog rare piece’! That being a Brown’s Beach Jacket in absolute mint condition, still with the seller hardware…

For those that know a thread about early/mid 20th century workwear, they’ll know that Brown’s Beach is a household name. Brown’s beach fabric, a unique wool-cotton blend, was developed in 1901 for general outdoor use. It is a hard wearing, water repellent, slightly elasticized fabric. Hats, vests, jackets and coats were among the offerings from the brand – they were there to be worn and built to last (within reason). It is an extremely rare occurrence that unworn, still tagged garments are found and generally trade behind closed doors if that so you can only imagine the price tag that will be put on this puppy. Sit back an enjoy the ride. 

See the auction online on eBay

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