Safe haven : Ice Huts by Richard Johnson.

“For me, these are really portraits of the individual. –
But the individual is not present.”

Landscape photography has been something I’ve been getting into lately – through the likes of Grey Malin and such. One the usual rounds I came across a series of ongoing works by Richard Johnson. For the last 8 years Johnson has travelled far and wide across the ice plains of Canada in search of what would normally go un-noticed. He has focused this body of work on ice huts. These small huts, no larger than the average bathroom are generally purpose built and he has been able to cature the extention of each hut – no two huts being the same. He has so far taken over 650 shots of these little dwellings and plans to carry on.  

For more check out his work online at –

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One thought on “Safe haven : Ice Huts by Richard Johnson.

  1. Amazing work. Rather strange as he shares the same name as my father, though my related Richard Johnson is sadly devoid of appreciation for small things (other than spectacles, without which he is rather blind)

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