Start of the line : Scott Fraser Railer jacket.

The newest addition to the Scott Fraser collection is in honour of the railroader.postcard-chicago-train-chicago-and-north-western-city-of-san-francisco-rail-yatds-1946The Railer jacket is inspired by the steel road and takes reference from the rail workers of the 40s. A collarless jacket-come-waistcoat which is made in London, England. 100% wool woven front panel with contrasting arms and back panel. Oblong chest and waist pockets angled for ease of use, with a smaller left-arm-mounted stash pocket. Trimmed with complementary taping for durability and contrast. Single stitch reinforced arm detail. Flat-domed popper fasteners throughout. The arms of the jacket can be removed upon request to create a waistcoat. (1) Green Vest Main (1) Green Vest 6 (1) Green Vest 3 (1) Green Vest 2Black mottled and green Railer jacket – £159 (1) Brown Vest Main (1) Brown Vest 6 (1) Brown Vest 3 (1) Brown Vest 2Brown herringbone and blue Railer jacket – £159

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