Scott Fraser Collection : London-made Italian leather Service holdalls.

Yesterday I launched a new collection piece which I’d been working on for quite some time. Since the launch of the S.F.C. duffle bags back when I started the collection in 2013 I’d always been playing with idea of doing another bag ever since. With all the other pieces I’ve been putting together I never quite got round to putting any of the new luggage ideas into production. Until a few months back, whilst I was making up a batch of card holders in the east-London leather workshop where I work from, I came across some skins that were perfect for one of the bags I had my heart set on making. That being the catalyst I set about making up the samples and perfecting details for what I can now introduce as the Service holdalls.Service holdalls

A bag/holdall inspired by the tradesman. Using an Italian front quarter vegetable-tanned leather cutting only one bag from a single skin, the bag is built for life. It has metal hardware for added strength and wear protection. The flapped opening has a locking strap which is reminiscent of tool bags of the 1940s.
Hanford_workers The leather will wear, soften and patinate uniquely depending on how each person uses it and I sized it so it’s perfect for use as a daily work bag or just large enough to fit enough in an overnight stay or two. Living in a pretty volatile country weather-wise, I made the reverse side of the bag act as an umbrella holder, making for a practical and durable companion for life.

Check them out online at –
(1) Black bag - Main(1) Black bag - 2(1) Black bag - 4(1) Black bag - 3(1) Black bag - 5(1) Black bag - 6(1) Black bag - worn

Black all leather service holdall

(1) Brown bag - Main(1) Brown bag - 2(1) Brown bag - 3(1) Brown bag - 4(1) Brown bag - 5(1) Brown bag - 6(1) Brown bag - worn 2

Brown all leather service holdall

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