Escape to the country : St. Georges day ride out 2015.

This morning I jumped on the scooter. Met up with a gang of fifteen scooter riders and headed out through north London to Epping Forrest for the Saint George’s day ride out.
Sporting my new Hedon helmet, we spent the day cruising with 250+ other Vespa’s and Lambretta’s along fields and down winding roads. After splitting from the pack, we came back through into London and stopped by Gods Own Junkyard. Here’s to more of these sorts of days.
(1) IMG_8854
(1) IMG_8858
(1) IMG_8856(1) IMG_8879(1) IMG_8864(1) IMG_8882(1) IMG_8875(1) IMG_8868(1) IMG_8870(1) IMG_8869(1) IMG_8872(1) IMG_8881(1) IMG_8874(1) IMG_8871(1) IMG_8876(1) IMG_8880(1) IMG_8883(1) IMG_8878
(1) IMG_8885(1) IMG_8888
(1) IMG_8889

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