A perfect combination : Neapolitan made Brooks Brothers sport jackets.

There is no other combination I like more than that of the harmony of American design and Italian manufacture. Since I’ve been working on projects with Brooks Brothers, I’ve been keeping an even closer eye on what they’re doing and was glad to see that they’ve have done just this. B.B. have taken what they know of the sports jacket, which is a lot to say the least and made use of the artisan makers of Naples, who are renowned for their construction and quality of tailoring. All of this, in order to create a range of piquet and twill limited edition jackets (£330+) in a selection of thirteen different colours. The cut – a simple two horn button fastening, rolled hand-stitched lapel, patched hip pockets and a single breast pocket. They’re available at their flag ship, Regent Street (London) store and are exclusive to Europe. So, with that in mind I decided to head down there to try a few on. Torn between a few of them, I put together a few looks to gauge which one I eventually put my hands on.(1) Beige jacket(1) Green Jacket (1) Red jacketIt’s the sort of jacket everyone needs, fitting into that ever-so sighted box of ‘smart-casual’. Although, with a simple addition of a tie, or trousers the jacket can shrug off the casual counterpart, making for an all round smart look. For more information head in-store or over to www.brooksbrothers.com – I imagine they won’t be hanging around long.

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