Norfolk scootering : August 2015.

3 guys. 2 Vespas & 1 Lambretta. 300 miles round the Norfolk coastline.

A few weeks back I headed out with 2 friends from London and made the journey up to Norfolk on the north-eastern coast. We spent three days riding around, breaking down, camping and laughing. Best thing ever.

Here’s a quick edit by Tim Fielding – who some of you may remember edited the amazing video of us visiting Wales just over a year ago11825037_10153404862005485_4491346787633739246_n 11264899_10153404862650485_6692397416046751130_n 11813332_10153404862875485_564216180318606685_n 11220466_10153404863440485_8075564733651476586_n 11831672_10153404864650485_6595157913899717204_n 11822463_10153404864170485_8532078692212024157_n 11800547_10153404863605485_7223966562746203928_n 11796268_10153404863690485_531913708063745857_n 11742686_10153404863865485_6915060801963163300_n 11800476_10153404863375485_2362276540493154429_n 11800203_10153404876735485_7686614389772371762_n 11013060_10153404864415485_1085077559052573885_n 11822660_10153404876610485_1043820979565258214_n 11058000_10153404865070485_6855443769758731502_n

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