See cleary : Cubbits opticians.

It’s been about two years since my last eye test and inevitably that means that means it’s new glasses time.
A lot of my glasses are vintage, but this time I wanted to see what new offerings were out there.
Enter Cubbits. I came across them online by chance, but as they’ve got two central-London shopfronts I would have thought I would have known about them already. There were a few frames that attracted me to them instantly, especially the Bingfield model, which ran very similar to my current vintage Persol pair, but they seemed better!cubitts_5__1cubitts_products0058cubitts_-3.11.1517434

I decided to head down to their Borough market shop to check them out, get an eye test and drool over the frames before heading to do what I needed for Scott Fraser. Being used to high-street opticians for my sight tests,  I went in with a certain exception and this was one that normally lacks any sort of experience. I was totally wrong and it was quickly quashed by their welcome and in depth technical knowledge, ability and tech they had on offer. I even got some pictures of the backs of my eyes wittily emailed to me after my appointment.(1) IMG_5014 (1) IMG_5012 (1) IMG_5005 (1) IMG_5004

Cubbits’ ethos and very much why I’m wiring about them is to uphold the classics, taking the best of something and refining it, in a way that Tom Broughton (Founder) and the team can do. Experimenting with different materials, engaging in art projects and keeping their eyes on what’s going on outside of their field gives depth to what they do and it’s what’s set them up there with a few other brands that I currently know. All of this culminates in a frame and service that cost £125 for any pair. No hidden extras, no compromises just simple design and what I would say was a brilliant price. Well worth a visit, if you wear glasses (or even if you don’t!).


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