A few moths back I came across the reissued (what I guess I could describe as) ‘iconic’ T-shirt. Titled across the centre of the chest – THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.
Holding my own strong views already on feminist issue and the rights of woman in society, coupled with having two younger sisters who embody this whole heartedly, I too am in total agreement. Slogan t’s, although commonplace now, in the likes of… well everywhere, were once not so available. What was said was a statement, of intent and was nonverbally thrown out with power. 1_aa09a50d-529d-4c5e-9e0c-9c58628c1020

This T-shirt, for those that don’t know, was made for Labyris Books, which was the first women’s bookstore in New York City, which opened its doors in 1972 by Jane Lurie and Marizel Rios. The photo was taken in 1975 and is of Alix Dobbin, the photographers’ (Liza Cowan) girlfriend at the time.

Bringing it through to 2015 and the feminist Instagram account @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y posted Cowan’s image, where it was seen by graphic designer Rachel Berks, who sells likely feminist products from her studio-store, Otherwild.
With permission, Berks recreated the T-shirt and began selling it, donating 25% of the profits to go to women’s health organisation Planned Parenthood.


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