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Name: Scott Fraser Simpson

Location: London, England

– Retrospective Modernism –
The notion of keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future

I plan to use this blog as a platform to share articles – be it clothing, design, motoring, arts and culture. This is a personal blog, written from the heart, that gives life and body to the concept of Retrospective Modernism.

Feel free to follow, read and maybe even learn something – I know I will.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just followed a link from ‘Lime & Barley’ to your blog. Fascinated so far… love the focus on vintage, the original advertising clips and photography… I feel like I’ve clicked into the contents of a little time capsule that is old and worn but fresh and new at the same time. Good luck with your menswear collection. I am a huge fan of all things bespoke and vintage so if you have an etsy or online store I’d love to take a look!

  2. Love Your Site!!!!

    Thanks for everything you post Mr. Simpson!

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