Tatlin the constructor : Russian Constructivism.


Влади́мир Евгра́фович Та́тлин- Vladimir Yevgraphovich Tatlin
1885 – 1953
Russian and Soviet painter and architect


Sighted as one of the foremost figures in the important artist movement in the 1920s known as Constructism.


He is most famous for his design for The Monument to the Third International, which he began in 1919. By 1920, commissioned scaled models were being exhibited around Europe – eventually going  forward to became a symbol of the Constructivist.


The monument was conceived as a working building, an enormous skeletal apparatus a third higher than the Eiffel Tower at 1,300 feet high. Inside the iron-and-steel structure of twin spirals, the design envisaged three building blocks intended to house the executive, administrative and propaganda offices of the Comintern, covered with glass windows, which would rotate at different speeds (the first one, a cube, once a year; the second one, a pyramid, once a month; the third one, a cylinder, once a day).


Although predominantly known for his structural designs he also put work into clothing and garments. Creating the (below) male leisure suit in 1922-23, which was used as an anti-fashion perspective, designed solely with regards to it’s practicalities.

The design principals behind this article would be comfort, warmth, longevity, ease of movement, and the ability to conceal dirt all factored into his design agenda. Pockets were placed according to arm measurements, rather than being placed discreetly along cut lines of the piece, or for decorative purposes.


Function outbalanced form.



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